My mother and her mother praised Dr. Vanik. A painless root canal in 1992 was my introduction to him. I had never liked going to the dentist, having had many visits to different dentists over the years. His engaging “chairside” manner in addition to staying on top of a constantly changing and improving art and science field of dentistry, has insured his excellence. He has surrounded himself with a superior staff and colleagues. My wife Kathy and I were both born in Annapolis and Dr. Vanik is one anchor keeping us here. If I must mention one negative thing it is that he is from Severna Park!

— Rick M., Annapolis, MD


Some years back, I was a member of the Annapolis Rowing Club with 4 other ladies in the Masters group.  At that time we rowed from the St. John’s College boathouse.  We had just put our boat in the water and were indulging in minor chit-chat prior to warming up and practice on the Severn River.  One of my boat mates was looking for a dentist and asked us for recommendations.  Everyone chimed in with a name or opinion and I said I had the best dentist in Annapolis.  Coach immediately responded with “Oh no, I have the best dentist in Annapolis.”  We volleyed our statements back and forth a few times while everyone else listened in.  Finally I said, Dr. Vanik is the best and most compassionate dentist in Annapolis.  Coach quickly started laughing and said, “I agree…..he’s my dentist too!”  

While the years have passed, Dr. Vanik is still the best dentist in Annapolis!!!!!!!!!

— Judith M. Arnold, MD


Dr. Vanik is the most talented, caring dentist, who goes out of his way to help, cure and attend. He is creative, intelligent and so personable. Although dentistry is often fear filled, Dr. Vanik does his best to reassure and to solve your most complex dental problems.

— Marcia O. Annapolis, MD

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